Eli Brown - MPO - PDGA #141178


Caroline Muir - FPO - PDGA #171555

I caught the disc golf bug less than a year ago and have been diligently practicing and playing since. My first tournament was at the Dino Hills Disc Golf Farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Glen Rose, TX in April of 2021. After this tournament, I discovered my capabilities which fueled my desire to compete at a higher level. My favorite discs to throw are the Get Freaky Zone, Hades, Buzz, and Enigma. 


M.P. Hart - MA1 - PDGA #177708

"I was exposed to disc golf in 2004, and played very casually with a small group of friends throughout the years. I moved to Dallas in 2015 and didn't play from then until spring of 2021, when an old friend from that group moved down and reintroduced me to the sport. I have been playing just about every day since, but, taking it much more seriously (playing minis and events whenever possible). I moved up to MA1 at the end of 2021 and my current goal is to move up to MPO before the end of the 2022 season."
"My favorite disc/mold is the Millennium Quantum Draco, I use it for a variety of shots...forehands, backhands, flex shots, spike hyzers, skips and most importantly THUMBERS."


Justin Jones - MA1 - PDGA #148974

I started playing disc golf casually by myself in 2018. I was scrolling Facebook one day and saw a post from Thomas Shackelford about a mini tournament in august of 2020. Not knowing what a mini tournament was, I messaged Thomas and he invited me out. I got to feel the competition, and experience what it was like to play with a community for the first time. I have been in love with disc golf ever since. I am excited to have Par4 discs as my sponsor this year. They are family to me and I couldn’t ask for a better community to have in my corner. This year I am working in the MA1 division, continuing to practice my game. My goals for 2022 is to win 5 sanctioned tournaments in the MA1 division, and have a rating of 950. Once again thank you Par4 for your support, I look forward to this 2022 season!


Benjamin Runyan - MA1 - PDGA #164197

Benjamin Runyan PDGA# 164197

Disc golf has been a passion of mine ever since I started playing six years ago. This past year was my first year competing in sanctioned events and I was able to compete in nine different tournaments and finish first at two of them!! I'm currently competing in the advanced division with plans on competing at the NADGT championship this summer! I've always wanted to grow the sport of disc golf and share my passion with others and the best way I found to do that is through my YouTube channel @bennybendisc.
Jonah Jett Jernigan - MA1/MA2 - PDGA #130843


Zach Vaughan - MA2 - PDGA #112833

PAR4 Tournament Director

In 2017 I started playing disc golf as a new outlet for exercise. I found it something I enjoy alone or with as many people as possible. I have a lot of bad rounds, but never a bad time playing disc golf. I enjoy running events. Also, I am trying to grow disc golf and its culture in any positive way possible. My home course is Audubon and my favorite courses are DL Jackson, Bon, Myers, Oldman, Munson. My favorite disc is the Innova Star Wraith.


Mason Stallons - MA2 - PDGA #120687


 I am 15 and a sophomore at Frisco High School. I am on the Varsity football team and the JV basketball team. I have been playing disc golf competitively for about 3 years now. I went to junior worlds last year in Emporia and got 14th place in my division. I enjoy playing disc golf the most with my friends and family. I also help at the shop from time to time.


Aurelio Gonzales Jr - MA3/MA2 - PDGA #132290

PAR4 Sales Staff

My name is Aurelio Gonzalez Jr (Hiniku). I am a Disc Golfer/Game
Dev/Musician. I run an interior design and furniture company, Eileen
and Home, with my wife. I’m from Dallas, TX, but I was raised in The
Grove. I have my Associates in Game Design and Programming. My goal
for the upcoming year is to be 900+ rated player by end of 2022. If
I’m not discing, I’m enjoying game development, making music, graphic
design work, and learning Japanese.


Bailey Crocker - FA3/FA2 - PDGA #180893

Hi! My name is Bailey! I started playing disc golf a little over a year ago when Covid started. I really enjoy playing a mix of open and wooded courses and one of my favorite courses is Harry Myers in Rockwall! Some things I am passionate about include Jesus, hiking, Aggie football, and spending time with family and friends! I look forward to the upcoming season with Par4!


Robert Johnson - MA60 - PDGA #154400

I started playing in 2019 and have become addicted. After 1 year playing in my local clubs, I played in 32 sanctioned events in 2021.  Recently, I have started running tournaments and continuing to enjoy and grow the sport.